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Introduction to Thomas Paine's geolibertarianism

Geolibertarianism is a libertarian political philosophy that holds, like other forms of libertarian individualism, that each individual has an exclusive right to the fruits of his or her labor, as opposed to this product being owned collectively by society or the community. In other words, geolibertarians support private property. However, unlike royalist forms of libertarianism, geolibertarianism holds that all land is owned in common by society and may not become private property. Therefore, if individuals claim the land as their property they must pay rent to the community for doing so. They hold that private property is the product of labor, and since land itself was not created by human labor, it cannot rightfully be considered the property of any individual. Geolibertarians generally advocate distributing the land rent to the community via a single land value tax.

Deze voorstelling van Kris Schnee verscheen in The Free State.

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At 23:06 Ludwig von Mises jr. said...

Eigenlijk is het geolibertarisme géén echte nieuwe stroming binnen het libertarisme, maar een onderdeel ervan. Ik dacht dat toch alle libertariërs voor een "single tax" op landeigendom te vinden waren, wat volgens deze tekst enkel maar de kern zou zijn van de "geolibertarisme stroming".

At 13:35 Hanky Panky said...
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At 13:36 Hanky Panky said...

Een aantal Nederlanders zijn begonnen met een "eco-geo-libertarisch project". Iets voor u, Vincent?


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