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First libertarian thinktank in Belgium

Nova Libertas is a libertarian thinktank inaugurated in the spring of 2005 in response to the failed European Constitution ratification process and to the identity crisis within the Flemish liberal party. Under the auspices of its founding father and president, Nova Libertas defends ultra-liberalism. Every problem in today’s society can be easily solved thanks to the invisible hand of economics and the infinite freedom of each individual. NL is a strong forefighter for the ideal of a United States of Europe as the only possible solution out of the current impasse. We nevertheless oppose the existent corporatistic Union. Socialism, fascism, escapism and religious extremism are to be fought and banned in order to create a brand-new nation, based on the core values of western civilization - individualism, prosperity, and above all, freedom.

Nova Libertas believes in a minimal form of government and in fargoing civil rights and liberties. In order to achieve this, Nova Libertas stands for the revision of all existing gunlaws and for the abolition of every interference in our civil liberties. Nova Libertas defends the people’s sovereignty by referendum, by a reproportionalized suffrage, by a clear and present liberalism in every domain of civil society, by the massive reduction of taxes and by the protection of our active working population against the legal pillage by barbaric hords of leftist parasites.

Belgium is one of the least free countries in the West. In Belgium - due to the omnipotent Socialist Party - freedom of speech is heavily restricted. Under the racism ban, no citizen may criticize the multicultural society anymore, nore may they oppose immigration. Historical research has also been censored by the so-called Holocaust Denial Law. After the Madrid and London bombings, Belgium also adopted a law criminalizing "being a member of a terrorist group" and has one of the most tyrannical regimes regarding gun rights.

We have to revalorize the Western world with the core values that made our world so great. We are undefinitely the number one in the world regarding individual freedom and civil rights. Humanity spent more than 2,000 years developing these values, let us not waste them. Nova Libertas opposes this regime and aims to achieve a complete turnover of society and a full renewel of liberty. That freedom shall not perish, for as long as we are there to guard our heritage and freedom.

In the name of libertarianism, our last line of defense against totalitarian dictatorship, Nova Libertas truly hopes that its leadership, its membership and its partisans will actively participate in our struggle for more liberty in a European Confederacy of Liberal States. Nova Libertas wants to be the voice announcing the end of days of global socialism and neocommunism.

The state has no birthright. For life, liberty and property.

Deze missieverklaring verscheen in The Free State, alsook op de websites van Nova Libertas, LVSV Leuven en Jong VLD Berchem.

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At 17:17 Kristof Willekens said...

Waar blijft mijn lidkaart ?

At 12:34 Anoniem said...

En hopla, alweer een nieuw initiatiefje ... en zo wordt het liberale gedachtengoed weer (nog) wat meer verdeeld ...


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