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The Banana Republic

For six months, I have been the founder and editor-in-chief of the online-magazine "The Banana Republic". This webzine was labelled an "Independent Overview of Belgian Misgovernment" and tried to expose the less nice aspects of the Belgian regime to a mainly international English speaking audience. At its peak in 2005, this online PDF-magazine had over 120 subscriptions, most of them students and young adults. Since the foundation of my weblog (November 2005) and the launch of the new magazine "The Free State" by Nova Libertas (June 2005), "The Banana Republic" went into decay. Last month, I decided to let it go defunct. In this blogpost you can find two random articles out of the very last issue.

The majority of Belgians have no access to public health services due to language problems.
In Belgium, international observers have recently investigated the situation in the different hospitals in the Belgian capital, Brussels. Their report is astonishing in its clarity, its argumentation and its horror. The Dutch-speaking majority (more than 60%) cannot exercise its right to have medical assistance in its own language in its own capital. The French-speaking bourgeois minority is in control of Belgian health care in Brussels and refuses to learn or even to use the native language of the Belgian majority in its medical facilities. It only needs the slightest bit of imagination to think about the dozens of people who unnecessarily suffered (maybe even died ?) only because they spoke the wrong language. The Nazis also could not understand the Jews.
Hereditary ministership has come into force in Belgium.
In Belgium, two out of the 15 federal ministeries are controled by people whose biggest achievement was the choice of womb out which they initally came. Vice-PM Freya Vandenbossche (SPA - New Socialist Party), responsible for jobs and consumption is the daughter of former Belgian minister Luc Vandenbossche, who is now in charge of BIAC, the state-run operator of Brussels National Airport. Bruno Tobback (SPA - New Socialist Party), minister in charge of the environment and the pension system, is the son of former Belgian minister and current mayor of Louvain, Louis Tobback. This evolution is terrifying, provocative and dictatorial, especially for those who want to run for executive office but who are not born out of former Belgian ministers. This evolution is in fact not so weird if you realize that this "Rule of Hereditary Ministership" is also adopted in the former Belgian colony, where Joseph Kabila succeeded his murdered father Laurent-Desire Kabila without any election or whatsoever as new president of the "Democratic Republic" of the Congo.
Deze artikels verschenen in The Free State en The Banana Republic.

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At 22:22 The Brussels Journal said...
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At 15:26 The Brussels Journal said...

Vincent, je neemt het kennelijk niet zo nauw met de auteursrechten op andermans artikels, noch op je blog, noch in The Banana Republic, noch in je laatste creatie The Free State.

Niet dat wij er problemen van maken, althans niet zolang ze in de juiste context gebruikt worden. Ik denk dat we dezelfde waarden uitdragen en dezelfde idealen verdedigen. Daarom moeten we elkaar niet onderling bekampen.

Let misschien in de toekomst wel wat beter op de copyrightregels.

At 16:40 Blabla said...
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