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Building a bridge across the Atlantic

In the months following the nine eleven attacks in New York City and Washington D.C. the entire free world stood together with the United States against this unknown and faceless enemy, called terrorism. Together, Europe and America were engaged in a war without precedent in our nations' common history. After the justified invasions and temporary occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq, this band of brotherhood between our two great nations vanished. Anti-Americanism became a new European hype and even after the Madrid and London bombings, the European people refused to accept this challenge and turned off the friendly reached out hand of our most valuable transatlantic ally, the United States of America.

A new social club, pression group and thinktank - the Euramerican Friendship League - was founded to become a harbor inside the European Union, a forepost of friendship. The European and American peoples have more in common which each other than with all other nations on the face of the earth. We share the same tradition, the same philosophic views, the same political achievements, the same culture and - above all - the same strive for individual liberty, prosperity and freedom.

We on this continent should never forget that men first crossed the Atlantic not to find soil for their ploughs but to secure liberty for their souls. Let us make sure that this proud heritage and mutual friendship will not perish in our hands.

Europe is by far known as the birthplace of liberty, democracy and civil rights. From the Greeks and Romans in ancient times, over the long British struggle for government reform to the French Revolution and the ideals of enlightenment, Europe has always been the summum of civilization, based on some "sacred" rights and liberties. Today, Europe is divided. We have abandoned the path drawn by our ancestors. We have forgotten our legacy and our pride. We even have handed over our most basic civil rights to our "elected" governments.

We have sacrificed and surrendered our liberty in order to obtain security. We were wrong. America was right. They succeeded in establishing a great new society - out of nothing - based on all these principles we once cherished and once cared for. When looking to the other side of the ocean, we can still see the torch of freedom glowing, enlightening the entire world and inspiring Europe.

Let us rebuild a bridge across the Atlantic. We will go forward, together. United we stand. Unity in diversity. United we will rule!

Deze missieverklaring werd ook gepubliceerd in The Free State, alsook op de websites van de Euramerican Friendship League,, LVSV Leuven en Jong VLD Berchem.

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2 Reacties:

At 23:20 Anoniem said...

Vincent, zou je niet beter stoppen met die studentikoze spelletjes en lid worden van de American Club of Brussels, de Grand Old Party Europe of de Republicans Abroad?

Of is het echt de bedoeling dat je al die projectjes later uitwerkt? Ik ben alleszins benieuwd.

At 10:52 J. Kerremans said...

Door de oorlog in Irak en het beleid van president Bush steekt er een nieuw fenomeen de kop op in West Europa: het anti-Amerikanisme. Gelukkig dus dat er nog mensen als Vincent De Roeck zijn, want zulk anti-amerikanisme kost zéér veel bedrijven in België en Nederland geld. Dat ondervindt bvb ook het Amerikaanse mega-reclamebureau DDB van Keith Reinhard aan den lijve. Hij heeft grote klanten als McDonald's, ExxonMobil, Dell Computers en Johnson & Johnson, en die zijn steeds minder happig om nog in West-Europa te investeren. Dat blijkt uit een recente reportage op NOVA-Nederland.


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