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Comment writing

In de loop van 2002 en 2003 heb ik voor de Engelse les een viertal artikels moeten analyseren en becommentariëren. In de eindtermen schijnt men zoiets comment writing te nooemen. Hoewel mijn commentaren indertijd minder “vrijgevochten” waren dan ze vandaag zijn, blijven ze toch wel zéér mooie graadmeters voor mijn persoonlijkheidsevolutie en voor mijn meningsontwikkeling. Dat ik vandaag misschien een beetje anders - meer radicaal? - over bepaalde dingen des levens denk dan voorheen, ga ik niet ontkennen, en kan ik ook niet ontkrachten, maar grosso modo is er toch ook wel een zeer grote “gemene deler” te onderscheiden tussen mijn meningen vroeger en nu. Deze vier “commentaries” staven dat en kunnen een vrij goed beeld geven van mijn “oude” persoonlijkheid.

Britains fall for the lure of Spanish - Is one language more important?
I think that it is quite logical that certain wide spread spoken languages around the globe are much more important to learn than others. For us in Belgium, we all have to study Dutch, which is our mother tongue, and French, our country’s second language. Furthermore, most of the Belgian population speaks English and a bit of German. Also Spanish, Italian, Arabian and Russian are no longer rare in today’s society. Perhaps it is only a huge coincidence that all those languages are commonly spoken in the world. English is the most important language on earth, because of their colonial empire which spread the British cultural heritage, together with the English tongue, around the globe.

Wherever men will go, men will always find other people who are able to communicate in English. But some regions are different, especially the former French colonies, neighboring countries and other in the French hemisphere after the Napoleonic Wars. In francophone regions, it is often necessary to talk French, instead of English. This is only a matter of French grandeur and the French illusion of prestige. In the current European unification process, especially after the extension towards some Eastern countries, like Poland, which was overruled before the Oder-Neisse-boarder, by the Germans during several centuries, the German language becomes very important and many European politicians are claiming German as the only European tongue for the near future. Italian and Spanish are broadly spoken because of their elegance and value for the holidays. Arabian and Russian are now in progress because of the huge stream of refugees and immigrants from the former Soviet Union to Western Europe.

Most European citizens are able to speak several languages, but the variety of those, is very tiny. Why do not they learn languages like Mandarin Chinese, Czechoslovakian or even Swahili ? Because they are not useful ! In our global village, the variety of languages is shrinking and in the end, one or maybe two languages will survive and therefore it is not important to learn a language but to learn a wide spread spoken language, like English, French or German. For preserving the European dream, the United States of Europe, it is necessary that all men can speak the same language, like in the era of Roman rule. With a broad view towards our own future, it is true that some languages are more important than others !
Just another bloody dawn - Are blood sports barbaric and to be banned?
The blood sport is a very rare phenomenon, almost only appearing in the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth of Nations. The blood sport, like hare-coursing, fox-coursing, pig-hunting and several other variants, can be considered as the very last convulsion of a derailed society. It is very hard for some conservative neo-colonial Brits to live with the fact that Britain got stuck in the past, while several other European nations are growing as to their economies as well as to their level of influence. British chasers still think that they are superior to other races and especially to animals. On the one hand, I am not used to be kind towards animals and I am not used to sacrifice our welfare due to any animal issue, but on the other hand, practicing inhuman blood sports is to be banned.

It cost British society several centuries to abolish slavery in their colonies, thousands of innocent people starved or were massacred by their bosses before the abolition took place. I won’t like to see the same thing happen with this new form of slavery. How many innocent hares, foxes or other animals must die before society will intervene ? Are they perhaps waiting for another hundred years of bloodshed ? Decadence became throughout the centuries a common good in British society. Our decadent way of living dates from the glorious era of world rule. Our colonial empire, the empire where the sun never sets, belongs definitely to the past. The British dream of imperialism has become an illusion and together with the collapse of the Victorian empire, British society itself collapsed. These machiavellian acts of lost supremacy are the last symptoms of a starving dream which is turning into the biggest nightmare in British history.

This form of aggression against landownership, against humanity, against our environmental heritage, is the most barbaric habit in today’s European society. The Brits always claim that the Germans are inferior because of their barbaric history, but the English hypocrites do not realize or do not want to realize that no other European country has as much blood on their hands as Britain. We may not resolve the symptoms, we have to sort-out the problem ! Therefore, it won’t help to abolish the hare-course without making the Brits realize their current spot on the world stage of politics.
Internet romance - Fun or dangerous make-belief?
Romance and Internet are two inverse factors of human life. Romance is a kind of relationship between two lovers who know and see each other in person. Internet is the place where there is nothing but anonymity, dishonesty and naivety. Therefore, I am aware of the fact that the combination of both is unnatural, fake and imposed by some commercialists. The Internet Romance cocktail is born to taste badly. How can you like a person you have never seen before ? Some people are crawling in cyberspace just for hiding their own failure, shyness or other abnormalities. Romance via the indirect medium, named Internet, is an illusion for frustrated losers who are unable to do it in real-time or real-life. These whiz kids incubate the biggest fake façade of today’s society, instead of the mirror, which it pretends to be.

When you are chatting in cyberspace, you are talking to unknown strangers without a name. These no-name-surfers hide themselves behind a nickname, behind a fake email-address. Those are as dangerous as they are anonymous. You do not know a single thing about the person, about his whereabouts, his past, his good conduct or maybe his recidivism etc. It would be too easy for us to blame Internet for this or to proclaim that Internet is intrinsically bad. You can also kill a human being with a cucumber. The invention of the wheel also resulted in tanks and bombers. Nothing can be considered as entirely evil !

Internet is dangerous for those who are not paying attention, but if you use Internet for nothing else than gathering information, for which Internet was initially conceived, it is a good thing. We may not convict Internet because of the excesses, but we have to judge it, based on a global view after comparing the pros and contras. And then, everyone must understand that the positive aspects of Internet are much larger than the negative’s !
The big education issue – Bouquets or brickbats?
Raising children and educating them is the most important aspect of child- and parenthood, but it is also the most difficult. Do I have to punish my kids when they do not listen to me ? Can I stimulate them by giving presents and other compensations ? The debate is open. Personally, I do not believe in nothing but positive stimulation, without some necessary punishments. The ‘bouquets’ way makes the parents’ authority disappear, because of the fact that children only listen to them if they know that a present is waiting afterwards. The pure positive approach is doomed to fail. Maybe the children won’t understand this in the beginning, but later on, when they have to fulfill their duties in today’s society, they shall realize that authority must be respected and obeyed. How can they listen to their superiors, knowing that no single compensation is waiting afterwards ?

The most important aspect of education is to make children listen and obey to their superiors, not only in kindergarten but also in their adolescence and in their further life. Society without classes and grades of authority do not exist ! I do not think that children can be raised up only by using ‘bouquets’. Perhaps, stimulating them with presents may help, but it is better to use ‘brickbats’ for targeting the primary goal of education, respect for other men’s authority. We must not forget the difference between using brickbats and abusing brickbats !

Our educative way to raise our kids must be based primarily on brickbats, on telling them what they did wrong and why. Secondarily, we can consider using bouquets from time to time in specific situations, like school marks etc. I agree that abusing a parent’s power is an offence, but neglecting society’s needs towards children and refusing to prepare them for later, is even more criminal. We have to learn children that sometimes they do good things without a compensation and sometimes they will commit bad things and they will be punished. Maybe society is not always fair, but to prevent our kids therefore, we have to warn them and how can we warn them better than using brickbats instead of bouquets ?
Fragmenten hieruit verschenen ook in de periodiek Olvactueel.

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3 Reacties:

At 09:24 Anoniem said...

- Engels is de enige taal van de toekomst!
- Opvoeding moet gebeuren zoals bij de Indianen: in een commune!
- Het internet mag nooit en nergens gereguleerd worden door welke overheid dan ook.
- De jachtsport moet gekoesterd worden, zeker niet verboden.

At 13:04 Stijn Lebon said...

@ Anoniempje

1. De Vlaamse taal moet gekoesterd en beschermd worden. Zij vormt een wezenlijk onderdeel van onze cultuur.

2. Opvoeding moet door DE OUDERS gebeuren, NIET door de staat of de gemeenschap. Kinderen zijn het EIGENDOM van de ouders tot aan de "jaren des onderscheids" (laat ons voor het gemak zeggen 18 jaar).

3. Het internet moet inderdaad vrij blijven, tenzij het gaat om terrorisme. Dan moet het wel gereguleerd worden voor het belangrijkere goed van veiligheid.

4. Als jager zelf, ben ik natuurlijk ook voor de vrije jacht, maar alleen binnen het seizoen, alleen in de daartoe bestemde bossen en alleen voor de vergunde/bevoegde personen.

At 11:24 Anoniem said...

Hum hum hum ...
Deze tekst heeft niets, maar dan ook niets met politiek of ideologie te maken. Gewoon bladvulling voor een stil moment of een periode zonder abstract "denktank"-werk?


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