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Introduction to the Posse Comitatus

The Posse Comitatus (meaning "to be able to attend") is a loosely organized radical social movement that opposes the United States federal government and believes in radical localism. There is no single national group, and local units are autonomous. Posse members practice survivalism and vigilantism, and played a role in the formation of the armed citizens militias in the 1990s. The Posse Comitatus opposes any kind of federal taxes and is closely attached to the ultralibertarian Sovereign Citizen Movement.

Posse members believe that there is no legitimate form of government above that of the county level and no higher law authority than the county sheriff.
If the sheriff refuses to carry out the will of the county's citizens he shall be removed by the Posse to the most populated intersection of streets in the township and at high noon be hung by the neck, the body remaining until sundown as an example to those who would subvert the law.
The law the Posse means, is a libertarian inspired Bill of Rights. Adversaries nevertheless accuse the Posse of being a "White Power" group and a criminal organization.

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At 22:37 Freedom Fighter said...
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At 22:37 Freedom Fighter said...

Is dat geen middel om ons libertarische ideaal eindelijk eens te bereiken? Ons bewapenen en gewoon zeggen "fuck the government"? Of wachten we liever nog eeuwen op de komst van de heiland of het liberalisme? We zijn toch geen joden...


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